Monday, 15 June 2015

FIFA beach soccer world cup 2015 schedule

FIFA beach soccer world cup 2015 is very near, so get ready for all the beach fun. A total of 16 teams is participating in this tournament. The teams have been divided into a pool of four with each group having four teams.
Excited to watch the matches? The clashes will start from 9th July and will continue for 10days coming to an end with the final at 19th July.
 The FIFA beach soccer world cup 2015 schedules for the pool matches is mentioned below. Now you won’t miss any of your favourite matches, as this schedule list is present to remind you. The list is date wise, so it helps you quickly identify your favourite match for the day.

9th July 2015:
Italy vs Costa Rica
Portugal vs Japan
Argentina vs Senegal
Switzerland vs Oman
10th July 2015:
Spain vs Iran
Russia vs Paraguay
Tahiti vs Madagascar
Brazil vs Mexico
11th July 2015:
Oman vs Italy
Senegal vs Portugal
Japan vs Argentina
Costa Rica vs Switzerland
12th July 2015:
Mexico vs Spain
Madagascar vs Russia
Paraguay vs Tahiti
Iran vs Brazil
13th July 2015:
Oman vs Costa Rica
Portugal vs Argentina
Japan vs Senegal
Switzerland vs Italy
14th July 2015:
Mexico vs Iran
Russia vs Tahiti
Paraguay vs Madagascar
Brazil vs Spain
So get ready for an exciting season of beach soccer with the FIFA beach soccer world cup 2015. It is going to be super fun in Portugal this year. Don’t miss to watch the matches.


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